Please read the IGSA or IDF Rule Book!!!

  • All Competitors will be required to wear protective leather or kevlar suits.  No hide – no ride. Cordura suits are not permitted.
  • Drift Trikers will have to wear a full face helmet. knee guards, and a choice of a leather jacket, mtb flack jacket or MX  chest protector with elbow guards.
  • All Racers will be required to wear full face helmets. Padding must be secure and chin straps must be on tight.
  • All first time races in all classes will have an orange ‘X’ on the back of their helmets.
  • All luges, skateboards, drif trikes and safety equipment must pass a technical inspection before being allowed to race.
  • If your leathers have more duct tape than hide, or your helmet has cracks, or the strap are falling apart, you will not pass tech inspection, and will not be allowed on the hill.  There will be no refunds because you are unprepared.
  • All racer will be given an RFID timing chip for their helmets.  The system has been improved from last year.  Qualifying will be all day Saturday.  The top 64 will qualify for pro.
  • We are planning to do GSI points racing for Luge, women, AM and jr’s.  If your class gets too big – we may switch to elimination bracket racing.



  • Pro/Expert Skateboard – for experienced, sponsored racers only.  This means you want to win cash and big prizes, not just a deck to toss out.  We are separating the classes to make racing safer for everybody.
  • 64 racers – men or women – will qualify for pro.  if you want to race for the money, then you know you are that good.  There will not be a last chance qualifier.
  • Amateur/Sport Skateboard – less experienced and newer racers.  You want to win swag.  Sandbaggers will be tared and feathered.
  • Womens’ Skateboard – as long as we have at lest 4 women, there will be a separate class.
  • Junior 1 – ages 8-12
  • Junior 2 – ages 13-17.  Entrants in Junior 2 may chose to race in Sport or Expert instead.  You must still be 17 as of June 23rd
    • Pros may enter Junior II
    • If the schedule works out, Junior II may be able to race AM, Pro or Luge – this be be decided at the event.
  • Streetluge – one class
  • Classic Luge/Butboard –  we are going to do thing a little different this time.
    • Butboard will cost $5 to race – entry for butboard will be paid during registration
    • You must be entered in another event in order to race butboard.
    • The race will be the last 2 runs on Saturday.
    • New format this year – Super Grand Prix.  Racers will divided by random into 4 heats.  The first place finishers form each heat will make up the front row.  Second place finishers from each heat will make up the second row…  and so on.
    • The start will be a sitting start – special for Chris McB!
    • 10mm axles will be allowed. You can run your Surf-Rodz!
    • RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG – skaters will be allowed to run this class – as long as you are using the same setup as you would race downhill on.  We want more people to race, so you can race on your longboard!
    • Standard 12″ by 49″ size requirements – 2 trucks -10mm axles are allowed,  70 mm wheels for people with butboards -skaters can run their normal wheels (must be 90a or less).
    • ****Since the skaters will be allowed larger wheels – for this race only – wheel size will be based on luge rules – up to 130mm*****
    • Winner takes all the entrance fees for this class
    • Buttboard race will be Saturday afternoon!





  • 18:00 – 22:00Registration and Tech Inspection at the Cave Mountain Brew Pub – get everything ready for Friday!Friday:



  • Registration 8:30 in the parking lot
  • 9:00 AM Volunteers Meeting
  • 9:30 Course closes to traffic
  • Riders Meeting 9:30 entrance to Windham
  • Practice 10:00 to 5:00 pm
  • Dinner at Windham Mountain 7:00


  • 8:30 AM Tech Inspection/Registration opens
  • 9:00 AM Volunteers Meeting
  • 9:30 Course closes to traffic
  • 9:45 Riders Meeting
  • 10:00 1st run
  • 12:00 Official time trials – 1 runs
  • 14:00 Junior 2 race and buttboard
  • 16:00 classic race and Drift Trike Freestyle17:00 Road opens, awards
  • 19:00 Slide Jam on Church St
  • 22:00 Slide Jam ends – back to the brew pub.



  • 9:00 AM Volunteers Meeting
  • 9:30 Course closes to traffic
  • 9:45 Riders Meeting
  • 10:00 practice run
  • 10:30 1st group – Pro Men
  • 1:30 2nd group AM, Junior 1 , Luge, Women and Drift Trikes
  • 4:00 Finals ALL Groups
  • 5:00 Awards, road opens, and  clean up!